New Beach People print!

New finished screen print, first one of 2019! Spring beach people print complete. This will be popping into my online shop as soon as I have some better images of the artwork ready. Please message me if you would like one sooner though!

This is the second in my series of seasonal beach people screen prints showing how differently people enjoy the beach in different seasons, and the third (summer) is already art-worked and ready to be exposed onto screens.

Spring Beach final print.JPG

Christmas cards

This year’s new cards, which will be for sale Christmas 2019, were naughty cats and naughty dogs. Here’s the naughty cat card to tempt you into buying some for next Christmas (nothing like getting in there early!)

Braunton Christmas Market

I’m a bit slow with my posting lately, its was a busy patch in the run up to Christmas with markets and printing! Here as some pics of my marquee at the brilliant Braunton Christmas Market. A big thank you to everyone that stopped by to look at my stall and chatted, and especially you lovely folk who bought stuff!

Becoming a market stall holder, oh what a lovely cain (and able, table)! Braunton Contemporary Craft Market

Again, my ingenious fella had a brilliant idea to save me spending anything on a table for Thursday's market. My table has come together nicely from old floor boards from our house. I really like the idea of having a bit of the new Devon home that has allowed me the time to be creative and given me the space to screen print, to come with me to the market!

I've also ordered some wire mesh paneling from a shop fitters online shop, so I can have something to hang some pictures on, and hopefully be more visible as a result (you have to use your imagination with the photo though and erase the support fella from the image!)

Check out my online shop to see what I'll be selling on Thursday and order anything you like if you can't make the market in Braunton from 10am - 4pm.

Becoming a market stall holder, ah me loverly captain hooks turned out right robin!

Its been a busy day, but I now have some brand new notebooks that will be on sale first at the #brauntoncontemporarymarket next Thursday! Very excited to put these out into the world! (They will be in my online shop very soon, so watch this space for when they go live, or buy a postcard or two for now?) 

If you would like me to let you know when they are in my online shop, please send me an email to

Becoming a market stall holder, waiting for delivery is a bit of a kingdom come Braunton Contemporary Craft Market

My new drying rack hasn't turned up in time for the printing to begin, but the boyfriend had a brilliant plan b suggestion. Who needs fancy equipment when you have an innovative fella on hand?!

To see how the finished ice cream design will look and buy postcards or prints of this design, check out my online shop

drying rack.JPG

Becoming a market stall holder, ah me loverly captain hooks! Braunton Contemporary Craft Market

The rhyming slang is improving and so are my stock levels ready for my first market stall day next Thursday. Today I got the first colour printed for the first 2 designs of my lovely new notebooks which really looking forward to debuting! (I'm also working on some new icecream greeting cards).

To see how the finished ice cream design will look and buy postcards or prints of this design, check out my online shop


Maker to market

Becoming a market stall holder!

I'm practising my best cockney rhyming slang ready for my new Thursday market stall at the Braunton Contemporary Craft Market! I'll be there from Thursday 12th July, but the market is on this Thursday if you are in the area and want to check it out. As I've never done this before to sell my prints, I thought I'd chat about my progress so anyone else doing this for the first time might find it helpful. (posts will not just involve learning rhyming slang, i promise!

#makersmarket #BrauntonContemporaryMarket 

2018-05-06 12.16.30.jpg

Ilfracombe Art Trail

Its been a while since the art trail, but I had a brilliant time and met some fantastic people. I have finally got my feet back on the ground so I wanted to share some pics of how fantastic Steph's house was for displaying work (you'd never guess I have dreams of having my own shop one day!!

Holiday scribble diary

I've just been on holiday to Cornwall for a few days, and as this is one of my favourite bits of the UK I wanted to keep a scribble diary of where we went and what I saw. Here are some of my scribbles. 

The lovely Woodlands B&B

I'm really excited to have my pictures up and for sale at the lovely Woodlands B&B in Ilfracombe! 

Trapped with your demons

First three images in a new series of sketches considering young people trapped by their various demons, nature or nurture?