Rorschach nothing lasts - print

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Using the old Rorschach ink blot psychological tests as a my inspiration, I wanted to show how these tests were misleading by filling the shape with images that reference the natural world and lifecycles.

Hand drawn pen & ink drawing and digital illustration

Printed on Heavyweight cartridge paper.
(giclée art print on 100% cotton rag archival paper is available on request, please email me to ask for a cost for this).

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Your print will be sent to you carefully rolled into a poster tube. Maximum delivery time is 2 weeks to allow for printing and postage.

Each art print features a minimum one-inch border.

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A set of images that highlight the misleading nature of the Rorschach test for determining a person's state of mind by deliberately leading the mind with visuals relevant to the typical reaction to the Rorschach ink blots.